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La Vallée du Lac (Lace Valley)

The valley offers a wide variety of sport and leisure possibilities. As well as the sports complex, there are tennis and beach volley courts, a mini-golf course, a play ground, barbecue areas, signposted walks, pedalos and fishing areas.

The Olympic Student Trophy

For the challenge, for the fun, for your team, for you school !

Every year around 600 students in their last year of secondary school take part in an original sports challenge in the heart of the green valley of Neufchateau. They represent about 140 secondary schools from the French speaking part of Belgium.

This event, which was initiated by the Olympic Committee Luxembourg, is now supported by the COIB. It is the only event which gathers together students from the North and South of the country.

The lake of Neufchâteau



The Oplympic Student Trophy


The black stork



The nature reserves of Massul-Molinfaing (Photos Th Gridlet)




Neufchateau, the Mushroom centre





The astronomy observatory in Offaing


Astronomie Centre Ardenne Neufchâteau

Address : Centre Nature Biologie - 22 Chaussée de Bastogne
B-6840 Longlier (Neufchâteau).
Person in charge : Giles Robert
160 Avenue de la Gare
B-6840 Longlier (Neufchâteau)
Phone : (32) 061/ 27 76 59


Address; CNVV Aérodrome BTE 1

B-6870 Saint-Hubert

Phone 061/61 12 68 Fax 061/613820

Général info about the center:

Available aircraft,location,training sessions, pricelist

Ask your free brochures




The Black Stork

The last surviving couple of Black Storks were killed in their nest in Ochamps, The Ardennes in 1898. For almost a century this majestic bird was extinct from our area. In 1996 in Bastogne, the Black Stork finally returned to the Ardennes. Around 20 couples have built their nests in Wallonia.




The nature reserves of Massul-Molinfaing

The speciality of the nature reserve of Molinfaing is the "touradons de laîche paniculées".




Neufchateau, the Mushroom centre

The wide and fascinating world of mushrooms.

It is difficult to fully understand the world of mushrooms as it is such a vast and complicated area. Added to which, the risk of poisoning has given them a bad reputation, which is greatly unjustified.

The study of mushrooms is a relatively recent phenomena. It was started by Fries in the 19th century. Mushrooms and toadstools were presented as diabolical plants, a reputation which has haunted them ever since.

Every year, the CNB (Cercle de Mycologie de Luxembourg belge) organises an extensive exhibition, which gathers many hundreds of types of mushrooms. This events attracts many enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, and offers the chance for them to share their passion and knowledge for this mysterious and fascinating world with the public.



The astronomy observatory in Offaing

The observatory, which is situated in the middle of the country side and built on a base of 50 tons of concrete, is one of the highest placed in Belgium.

Lovers of astronomy visit the observatory in order to study the sky with the naked eye, binoculars and different types of telescopes.

Conferences, weekends, and courses are organised for children and adults.




Euro Space center

E411 sortie 24

Téléphone : (32) 061/ 65 01 33 ou 34



Signposted walks for the TARPAN guide

  • Neufchâteau Grandvoir - Tournay
    The path of the Ardenne's artisans

Starting from the village of Grandvoir, this walk follow the rural countryside and, with the aid of a walkers guide, shows us various traditional crafts from the country. Seven stops encourage adults and children to find out details and answer question on a questionnaire based around nature and the following traditional crafts: coal-production; basket-making; clog-making; slate-production; mill-grinding; blacksmith and saddle-making.

Distance : 7,5 km. Estimated time necessary : 2h10
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes, horse-riding and cross-country skiing.

Call Tourist Information

RSI Neufchâteau (32) 061 / 27 89 56


  • Neufchâteau Neufchâteau
    The Ospeau Woods walk

Starting from the centre of Neufchateau, this walk takes you firstly to the Klepper water-mill, which was built in the 18th century and has recently been restored, and then leads you through a forest area. With the help of a guide (in French and Dutch) and information panels, you are encouraged to discover the natural vegetation of the area as you walk through it. You can also see sign of a rich archaeological past: Neolithic tools; Celtic tombs; the remains of a 12th century castle and military cemetery from the First World War.

Distance: 7 km. Estimated time necessary : 1h45

Call Tourist Information:

RSI Neufchâteau (32) 061/27 89 56

  • Léglise Chêne
    The Jalifé and Wild Field Path

Starting from the "educational farm of Géronne", which specialises in welcoming schools for farm classes when children come to discover farm work and traditional rural life, this walk leads us through a wonderfully rich valley. You can also add an extra circuit to this mainly agricultural walk, which follows the ridge that separates the bed of the Rhine and the Meuse. You will also have some marvellous views of the countryside.

Distance: 13 km. Estimated time necessary: 3h20
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes and horse-drawn carts.
Call "Géronne Farm" (32) 061/25 52 53


  • Léglise Thibessart
    The ponds and the Hole in the Woods.

Starting from the "Gîte du Beau Lieu", this walk consists of 2 circuits to discover village life in the Ardennes, the charm of the forest and the jewel of nature, a lake. You will also encounter the rich industrial heritage of the area in the from of the Mellier Forges, which was in service between 1617 and 1837. Educational panels help explain the key sites during the circuit.

Distance: 7 km. Estimated time necessary: 1h50
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes and horse-riding.
Call (32) 063/43 39 69

SI LEGLISE Tél (32) 063 / 42 22 37

  • Habay Léglise (Marbehan-Mellier)
    The Forges of Mellier walk

Starting from Marbehan station, this walk guides you around the remains of the Forges of Mellier. During the 17th and 18th century this site was at the height of its glory and is now the property of the Region Walloon and has been a classified monument since 1980. You will also discover the surrounding forest as well as a nature reserve between the village and the Forges.

Distance : 9 km. Estimated time necessary : 2h20’
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes, horse-riding and horse-drawn carts.
Call Habay Tourist Information (32) 063/42 22 37

  • Habay Marbehan
    The Four Sons of Aymon walk

Starting from Marbehan station, this walk will help you discover the forest of Rulles, the smell of leaves and resins, the streams of fresh water, and the remarkable trees, including the great oak tree, the Four Sons of Aymon. Like the previous circuit, a guide book helps walkers enjoy this walk through nature.

Distance : 13 km. Estimated time necessary : 3h25
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes, horse-riding and horse-drawn carts.
Call Habay Tourist Information (32) 063/42 22 37

Call SI Marbehan 063/41 13 61

  • Habay Rulles
    The Maurice Grevisse tour

The walk starts in the village of Rulles, where the school includes a small museum, with displays of educational material dating from the days of Maurice Grevisse, the famous grammarian of the French language. On this walk you will discover the surrounding countryside, the little village of Harinsart with its traditional washhouse and the ridge between Harinsart and Houdemont. From the ridge, you will be able to admire the remarkable countryside, the forests of the Ardennes to the north and the villages in the Gaume to the south.

Distance : 7 km. Estimated time necessary : 1h50’
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes and horse-riding.
Call Habay Tourist Information (32) 063/42 22 37

  • Habay Habay-la-Neuve
    The Habay Heritage Walk 1

The walk starts in Habay-la-Neuve and guides you on a discovery of the remains of the industrial heritage of the Rulles valley. You can see the remains of the 17th century dam-bridge of the Forges, as well as a lake in the Chateau de la Trapperie (private property and not open to the public) in the direction of Habay-la Vieille. Coming back towards Habay-la-Neuve you will pass the Bologne Lake, a testament the oldest factory in Rulles (16th century).

Distance : 6 km. Estimated time necessary : 1h30’
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes.
Call Habay Tourist Information (32) 063/42 22 37

  • Habay Habay-la-Neuve
    The Habay Heritage Walk 2

A walk, which takes you to the château of the Pont d’Oye and invites you to discover the history of the marquis. Only the 19th century manor house and the Louis X1V entrance remain of the original castle, which was built in 1642. The remains of the original 16th century Forge that later gave way to a paper mill can be seen nearby. You can discover the forest of Anlier, the marshy fields bordering on the River Rulles as well as the traditional villages.

Distance : 7 km. Estimated time necessary : 1h
This walk is also open to mountain-bikes.
Call Habay Tourist Information (32) 063/42 22 37



Ride in the countryside and the forests.

Anny guides riders in groups of 8 through the countryside and forests. The routes range across the areas of Herbeumont, Chiny and Neufchâteau.

Throughout the year, Easter, Whit sun, Ascension etc, "The Relais de la Vierre" organises a trip lasting several days. The trips follow an itinerary from one inn to another where the groups of 8 maximum are lodged and fed. The distance from inn to inn varies for thirty to thirty five kilometres.

"It truly is a wonderful way to explore our area", Anny explained to us.

For further information please contact :
(32) 061 / 41 38 37

Walking and Watercolour

100 kilometres and a paintbrush !

The non-profit making organisation "Colline" organises 3 types of courses :

- Walking and watercolour for 11 to 14 year old
- Watercolour and nature for 7 to 12 year olds: a five day course in which to discover 5 different elements: the sky; trees; way-sides; the ground; water) firstly with the eyes of an artist, and then with those of a scientist.
- The discovery of the trees around and within us: one weekend is arranged per season for adults.

Tel: (32) 061/ 27 84 74




















parc naturel Haute Sure forêt d'Anlier


Parc Naturel
Forêt d'Anlier
Grand Rue 6
B-6630 Martelange
Tél. +32 (0)63 45.74.77













Walking and Watercolour





Horse riding



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